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Can’t use paid ads? Content marketing, on page optimization, and backlinks for increased Google rankings. Help your ideal customers find your cannabis & CBD products online.

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Weed Education, Culture & Community Platform
Danish Designed Herb Accessories
Modern Designer Smoking Essentials
CBD & THC Edibles And Smokeables
Championing CBD Sexual Wellness
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CBD SEO to Drive Consistent, Qualified Website Traffic

We know what your customers are searching for online related to your products. As a cannabis SEO agency, we help you acquire more customers organically by implementing an SEO strategy with engaging content marketing that ranks you higher in the SERPs, answers questions, and positions your product and collection pages to convert website traffic.

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Engaging Blog Content That Ranks Your Website for the Long Term

Your competitors already rank on Google higher than you. Our weekly blog articles are written for human readers by CBD SEO experts that satisfy search intent. This content builds assets on Google that are focused on cannabis & CBD keywords related to your product to rank you ahead of your competitors faster.

Provide us with your topic, writing, and styling preferences.
Receive blog content from our team on an assigned day every week.
Publish on your site, or have our account managers publish for you.
Acquire organic traffic that increases and compounds in value over time.
On Page Optimization

We Fix All On-Site SEO Errors, Issues and Warnings

Our marijuana SEO experts analyze and fix everything on your website for Google to build long-term rankings. Optimization of meta titles and descriptions, correct H1 and H2 keyword placement, content optimization, and site structure. We have a look at what your competitors are doing so our optimization is data-driven. But once is not enough, it takes regular optimization to ensure that you're ranking as high as possible.

Provide us with editor access to your website.
We fix as many on-site issues & errors as possible within 3-4 weeks.
Our auditor will be rescanned for a comparison report for full transparency.
We test our changes to stay ahead of search trends.
Genuine Backlinks

Backlink Placement in Active Media Sites, No Directories or Spam

Paid links can damage and blacklist your store. Many CBD SEO companies are doing this, however, our content enables you to acquire references in existing high-quality media with high domain authority that aren't rented or bought. Ours last for the long term.

Provide us with your desired target audience, competitor information & backlink history.
Our content team will begin creating engaging, informative content.
Acquire localized, genuine link references from real sites. No spam, or directories.
We focus on long-term link placements. We don't own any of the sites, we focus on building assets.

Cannabis SEO Case Studies

We took care of growing revenue so our clients could focus on working “on” the business instead of “in” it.


How We Increased Organic Website Traffic by 350% in 90 Days for Quanna

Running an online CBD business presents many challenges, including advertisement restrictions. Organic traffic is a way to overcome this. Our SEO strategy helped Quanna’s CBD lube achieve placement within the top 5 positions and increase organic revenue.

New customers created
Email Marketing
Revenue Increase
Avg Open Rate
Avg Click Rate
Avg Placed Order Rate
Click-through Rate Above
Form Submit Rate
Organic Traffic increase
Increase in Clicks
Organic Revenue:
Increase in Search Impact
Revenue Generated
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Turn Your Online Browsers Into Buyers

The truth is not all website traffic acquired using CBD SEO marketing will convert into customers. And due to online advertising restrictions in the cannabis industry, you can’t retarget them. However, with our reclaim pixel, you can turn those missed opportunities into revenue.


Identify Anonymous Website Visitors

Use our reclaim pixel to bring anonymous visitors back into your marketing ecosystem with email retargeting.

Bring Them Back

Reclaim Anonymous Website Visitors

Don’t let your SEO & content marketing go to waste if website traffic doesn’t convert into customers. Use our email retargeting reclaim pixel to identify up to 30% of your anonymous traffic and convert them with customized offers.
Convert Window Shoppers

Real Time Campaign Activation

Trigger events at different stages of your marketing funnel in real time to send tailored email retargeting campaigns to convert anonymous website visitors. On site. Viewed Product. And Added To Cart. All can be retargeted with customer email messages.
Quality Data Only

Activity Based Data Cleansing

Every email we collect from anonymous website traffic and pass it onto you is CCPA, CAN-SPAM compliant, and authorized by a 3rd party ad networks. Emails are verified for open, click, or web activity in the past 14 days.

Increase Revenue from an Unclaimed Audience

Stop wasting hard-earned traffic and use our reclaim pixel to turn browsers into buyers.


Install the Reclaim Pixel on Your Store

Add our pixel to your Shopify store. This tiny snippet of code won’t affect website performance.


Increase the Size of Your Email Database

Capture more of your anonymous store visitors, and add them to your email database.


Grow an Untapped Revenue Source

Re-engage audiences who are ready to buy from you with abandonment flows sent from your email marketing platform.


Watch Profits Increase

With access to a previously untapped audience, you can now watch your cart abandonment revenue grow.


Work Smarter Not Harder

Boost your revenue and capitalize on your SEO efforts to increase website traffic. Use our reclaim pixel to capture anonymous visitors and grow your email database.

Reclaim More Cart Abandoners

Send abandonment flows to a wider audience of shoppers.

Grow Your Revenue

Start seeing increased sales and higher average order values.

Accelerate List Growth

Safely and securely grow your email list faster than ever before.

Set It and Forget It

Onboard in just 3 days and then just watch it work.

Own Your Data

Create and grow email lists that don’t expire until you say so.

Over 80+ Integrations

Including Shopify, Klaviyo, Salesforce, HubSpot, and Attentive.

60 Seconds Setup

Quicky content to most email marketing software.

Automatic Suppression

Content suppression means you’ll never pay for data that’s already yours.

Advanced Filtering

Filter emails collected by email domain, and landing page URL.


Have You Got Any Questions About Cannabis SEO

Cannabis SEO can be intimidating but there are ways to consistently grow website traffic and customer acquisition with CBD SEO services.

Interested to see how we can help you? Contact us and have all your questions answered.

Why is SEO so Important for Cannabis & CBD Brands

Due to advertisement restrictions, organic traffic is the only way to ensure you have a constant flow of new customers who are ready to purchase your products.

How Much Time Does it Take to See Results from SEO

In the cannabis and CBD industry, 6 to 9 months of implementing a proper SEO strategy is enough time to see notable results.

What is The Core of a Successful CBD SEO Marketing Strategy

Understand what your customers are searching for online. Create high-quality content that is engaging and uses relevant keywords. Optimize on-page SEO for the right search on different pages.