Increase Your Bottom Line With Our Proven CRO Strategies for Cannabis Brands

Discover actionable hidden opportunities to increase conversion and make more profit from the traffic visiting your website with our custom landing page designs.

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Weed Education, Culture & Community Platform
Danish Designed Herb Accessories
Modern Designer Smoking Essentials
CBD & THC Edibles And Smokeables
Championing CBD Sexual Wellness
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We Execute on Insights With Conversion Optimization & Landing Pages

Analytics and insights are useless if you don’t use them. We take action on the data to increase conversion and boost your cannabis & CBD sales with conversion rate optimization and custom landing pages.

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We Focus Our Optimization Where The Actions Is

Poorly designed and optimized product pages can negatively impact sales and growth for your cannabis & CBD store. Inadequate product pages can lead to a disjointed customer journey and fail to guide visitors toward making a purchase. We create custom-built product landing pages that are designed to generate more sales and reduce losses. These pages are tailored to guide customers toward making a purchase and provide a seamless journey that aligns with the store's overall narrative.

Purpose built landing pages for cannabis & CBD brands.

Build trust with your visitors by providing them with concise messaging.

Increase conversion of website visitors into paying customers.

Clear and easy-to-use layout, fast page load times, and responsive design.


98% of Your Website Visitors Won’t Convert Today

You're investing in increasing traffic, but your conversion rate is less than 2%; this can be frustrating! Common mistakes, such as (#1) confusing pages, (#2) lack of credibility, and (#3) poor mobile experience. We implement research-based persuasion principles to encourage visitors to take action and purchase your cannabis & CBD products. We continually adjust and improve our CRO strategies to keep your website ahead of the competition and increase conversion rates.

Gain access to 139 proven tactics to increase CRO.

Stop wasting your marketing budgets and losing sales.

Uncover opportunities to grow your business.

Create loyal customers who return and buy again.


After 1000’s of A/B Split Tests We Know What Works

We achieve true conversion rate optimization for CBD and cannabis brands by considering the users' website experience, consumer psychology, data analysis, and development. Quantitative data identifies areas for improvement, while qualitative data provides insight for testing. Our successful cannabis and CBD clients achieved increased conversion rates through our four optimization pillars.

In-depth creative and data analysis audit.

AI tools for heatmaps, dropoff analysis, site speed, and usability.

Deployment of historically successful A/B tests.

User testing and customer feedback.


Our Optimization Process for Cannabis & CBD Websites

Conversation rate optimization for cannabis and CBD brands selling products online needs to be done systematically using data analysis to avoid lost revenue and wasted marketing budgets.


Have You Got Any Questions Conversion Optimization

The optimization of your website is one of the best ways to increase revenue by utilizing the website traffic you’re already getting. However, it involves more than just changing the layout design.

Want to know how we would optimize your website? Contact us and have all your questions answered.

How Many A/B Tests Do We Run

To get the best results, we run one A/B test per page at a time. This makes quantitative results to be tracked and a linear process of progress tracked over time.

How Do We Design Our Landing Pages

We start by optimizing web pages that receive the most traffic and are responsible for generating the majority of the revenue. Pages are designed and optimized using GemPages.

Do We Take Care of The Whole CRO Process

We start with research before presenting designs. We then move on to development and testing ideas. We like our clients to be involved in the process as much as possible.