Store Performance Dashboards for Cannabis & CBD Brands

Customized Dashboards To Make Performance Predictable

Combine data from multiple sources for ecommerce performance insights so that you can optimize your business where it matters the most for cannabis & CBD brands.

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Weed Education, Culture & Community Platform
Danish Designed Herb Accessories
Modern Designer Smoking Essentials
CBD & THC Edibles And Smokeables
Championing CBD Sexual Wellness
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Track Thousands of Business Analytic Metrics from all of Your Tools

Connect your data and track key metrics from inside our dashboards to visualize your goals against current performance so we can make adjustments where they matter most & build new conversion systems for your online store.

Create a meaningful business intelligence dashboard in minutes.
Customize dashboards with drag-and-drop metrics.
Design company dashboards with your color scheme and logos.
Create meaningful reports that your whole team can use.

Connect Data from Multiple Software Tools Across Your Business

Difficulty visualizing data in your cannabis & CBD business? Struggling to understand KPIs and make sense of data from multiple sources? Our Analytic Dashboards pull metrics and visualize KPIs from 70+ data sources. Customize your dashboards with 200+ templates, track performance trends, and compare against previous data to make informed decisions.


Store Performance Dashboards That Tell a Story

It can be difficult to effectively track and manage goals and visualize progress toward them. Without it can be hard to understand why targets are or aren’t being met and what actions to take. Our Analytic Dashboards allow you to track and manage your goals all from one screen and visualize progress. Weekly and daily associated goals are calculated so that everyone can track progress.

Spot winning trends fast for increased results.
Set goals and performance alerts, so you don’t miss anything.
Visualize your business progress in real-time
Set realistic goals using historical data.
Set and track goals for any metric.
Visualize progress in real time
Get notified when goals are off track.
Turn high-level goals into short-term action.
Keep Your Team Accountable

Assign Business Goals to Teams and Individuals

If you have a large team or work with partners, it can be confusing as to which teams or individuals own specific goals. In our Analytics Dashboards, you can assign KPI’s to better monitor the progress every team and individual is making toward your company’s goals. See which teams need further support to hit goals and prioritize accordingly.

Visualize Your Business Performance and Success in Minutes

Connect your data sources and pre-built dashboards designed for cannabis and CBD brands will automatically populate with insight for selling your products online.


Get a High-Level Overview of Your Marketing Strategy

Create marketing dashboards to ensure that the entire team stays updated on the current trends. Monitor the flow of website traffic, track sales based on individual blog posts, analyze email open rates for different campaigns and identify the social media platforms that generate the highest number of visitors and leads.


Track Business Analytics, Sales, and Marketing ROI

Monitor and analyze sales and revenue data from various platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Google Analytics, Stripe, and more, all in one convenient platform. Gain comprehensive and timely insights into the performance of your online cannabis or CBD business. Keep track of sales and assess profitability.

Customer Support

Improve Customer Support with Actionable Insight

Evaluate the performance of your help desk and the efficiency of your customer service representatives. Monitor and analyze the volume of new conversations, open and resolved tickets per team member, and the volume of incoming queries. Visualize customer satisfaction and establish a connection with customer lifetime value.


Connect all Your Top Business Analytic Data Sources

Our platform offers over 100+ one-click integrations packed with thousands of default metrics, along with hundreds of pre-configured dashboards. All you need to do is connect your account and gain immediate access to your critical metrics.